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What our customers say

Bob Shockley

“We have met a milestone with the help of the Gillis Gilkerson team.  Our vision is now a reality and we couldn’t be happier.” 

~ Bob Shockley,
Spence Baptist Church building committee member





Jennifer Small

“Our experience working with Gillis Gilkerson has been great.  Between relocating our well, prepping the ground for the addition and assisting in researching our boundary lines, they didn’t waste any time in getting the project moving.”

~ Jennifer Small, managing director,
Maryland Food Bank, Eastern Shore 



Gary Brill

“We travel all over the country and build relationships with many different contractors.  I have been very impressed with Tyler Barnes.  He is very personable and responsive.  We are very optimistic about this project and working with Gillis Gilkerson.”

~ Gary Brill
Newman Group


Jeffery Phillips

“From start to finish, Gillis Gilkerson was phenomenal to work with.  Through the bid process they were completely on target and with the timeline of the project.  Tyler Barnes is hard working and a pleasure to work with. He pushed the project through the short timeline and really went above and beyond to meet our deadline.”

~ Jeffery Phillips



John Strzegowski

“Throughout my 17 years engaging on these types of projects, I can honestly say that Mike (Truitt) was one of the best contractors that I have ever worked with.  Throughout the process, Mike provided superior customer service and his communication far exceeded my expectations.  Most importantly, he delivered the building on time and with the exact specifications that were discussed.  In addition to customer service, Mike and his company provided high-level workmanship.  It was clear that Mike took pride in every phase of the project and that pride showed in the final product.  Every part of the build out was delivered flawless.  Both the interior and exterior of the building are beautiful!”


~ John Strzegowski,
Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Region
Catapult Learning



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