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What our customers say

Todd Ferrente

“Palmer and Dwight personally came to see me to talk about the development.  I am very comfortable working with Dwight and know that Gillis Gilkerson has a reputation for getting things done and getting them done on time.” 

~ Todd Ferrente,
Park Place Plaza, Developer




Dennis Silicato

“The best compliment is repeat business.  Dwight Miller has earned all of our business over the last 20 years and is always trustworthy and gets things done.  If a problem or challenge arises, he will always take care of it.”

~ Dennis Silicato,
Silicato Development



Rocky Green

“Gillis Gilkerson is awesome.  They built the building so they knew it better than anyone else.  We know they have a great reputation in the area and that’s why we decided to go with them for the renovation.”

~ Rocky Green,
Peninsula Imaging, Director of Operations


Don Hall

“Gillis Gilkerson does good work.  This is the second building they have done for me and again delivered a quality product on time and on budget.”

~ Don Hall,
Maryland General Square, Owner



Denny Dempsey

“I was able to get a hold of my friend, who works for Gillis Gilkerson while I was in Africa when I found out my house flooded.  When I got home in June, Gillis Gilkerson told me what went wrong and what needed to be fixed.  They did a complete interior remodel by November so I was back in my home for the holidays.  I never had to worry.  I knew they would do a quality job and they did.” 

~ Denny Dempsey,
Salisbury Resident