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What our customers say

Dr. Vincent Perrotta

“Much thanks to Gillis Gilkerson for giving our building such a beautiful facelift.  They truly succeeded in bringing our vision to life” 

~ Dr. Vincent Perrotta, MD,
Peninsula Plastic Surgery




Tom Shuster

“We are truly grateful for the care and concern Gillis Gilkerson demonstrated during the entire construction process from the groundbreaking in May 2017 through to our celebratory dedication in April of 2018.  We are especially pleased with the leadership and coordination of Don Murray and the day to day attention and care we received from Charles Morris.  They, along with the other GGI team members and your many able subcontractors, are to be commended for their outstanding services.  They should all be proud of their work.”

~ Tom Shuster,
St. Paul’s by-the-Sea, Project Manager

Arthur W. Edwards, Jr.

“We want to express our appreciation for the completion of the apartments at Jefferson II in time to get the residents back in their homes.  We believe this was made possible by the quality site supervision provided by Dale Reinhold.  Dale’s masterful control of the site, the suppliers and the subcontractors was like a conductor directing an unruly orchestra.  On site progress was consistent and organized.  When problems were encountered, Dale professionally provided solutions.  Dale’s quality site supervision made the Jefferson II project a success.” 

~ Arthur W. Edwards, Jr.
The Severn Companies



Bob Shockley

“We have met a milestone with the help of the Gillis Gilkerson team.  Our vision is now a reality and we couldn’t be happier.” 

~ Bob Shockley,
Spence Baptist Church building committee member





Jennifer Small

“Our experience working with Gillis Gilkerson has been great.  Between relocating our well, prepping the ground for the addition and assisting in researching our boundary lines, they didn’t waste any time in getting the project moving.”

~ Jennifer Small, managing director,
Maryland Food Bank, Eastern Shore 



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